Matter of Policy dealt within the Department-

In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (2) and (3) of Article 166 of the Constitution of India, the Governor of Madhya Pradesh is pleased to allocate the duties for the Finance Department-

S.No. Duties
1 Consolidated Fund of the State
 2  Contingency Fund of the State
3 Public Account of the State
4 Public Debt of the State
5 All matter relating to the form and content of the annual financial statement, supplementary, additional or excess grant, votes on accounts, votes of credit, and exceptional grants and budget procedure.
6 Appropriation Bill
7 Reappropriation
8 Famine Relief Fund
9 Constitution of a Natural calamities Relief Fund, appropriation of money to it and authorisation of withdrawals from it.
10 Ways and Means arrangement
11 Resources
12 General Policy regarding raising of Financial Resources
13 Finance Commission
14 Loans and Advances to local bodies
15 Matters connected with or arising out of the appropriation accounts and audit report and Public Accounts Committee
16 Currency coinage and legal tender, foreign exchange
17 Banking and Banking Companies
18 Local Fund Audit
19 Union Pensions
20 State Pension and Pension Rules
21 Commutation of Pensions
22 Compassionate Funds
23 Small Savings Scheme
24 Treasuries
25 Rules regarding the control of expenditure and prescriptions in respect of units of appropriation
26 Rules corresponding to the present Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary rules thereunder
27 Law and Rules under Article 283(2) and 284 of the Constitution of India, Subsidiary Rules regulating to the custody, safety and proper employment of all funds.
28 Rules regulating Financial Procedure and all matters relating to the maintenance of accounts including commercial accounts.
29 Provident Funds Rules.
30 Rules regulating conveyance house building, and other miscellaneous advances and allotment of the funds for the purpose.
31 Gold Control Act and connected matters.
32 Monitoring of Internationally Aided Projects.
33 Institutional Finance.
34 All matters relating to the services with which the department is concerned (other than matters allotted to the General Administration Department) e.g. appointments, postings, transfers, pay, leave, pensions, promotions, provident funds, deputation’s, punishments and memorials.