Directorate of Institutional Finance

To eradicate poverty and make available employment to the poor people and institutionalized the stream of economy in the State, in 1977 a cell was established, which latter on called Directorate of Institutional Finance.

The main objectives of Directorates are:-

S.No. Objectives
1 To coordinate the activities of Agriculture, Industries, Education, Community Development with SLBC/Bank/Financial Institutions/RBI/NABARD/SCBI/NHB
2 To encourage banking activities Commercial Bank and Regional Rural Bank
3 To coordinate the working of Lead Bank, District Loan Scheme, State Guarantees
4 Regional Advisory Committee of Bank
5 To dispose of General Banking Grievances
6 To processing the figures of financial aid from the Financial Institution

To this end, the Directorate of Institutional Finance function as coordinator of the GOI, State Govt., RBI, Nabard Sponsored Schemes. DIF is mainly concern with Commercial and Rural Banking. Directorate is also entrusted with working of Human Resources Development.

There are 10 Externally Aided Project (EAP) and 10 Centrally Administered Health Foreign aided schemes working in the State. To improve the infrastructure in the State DIF is seeking assistance from ADB and World Bank for the State Highways and Urban Development and monitor the foreign aided schemes and get more and more resources to the State with effective coordination.

In 1995 DIF published first edition of Human Resources Development (HRD) and second edition in 1998, now the third edition of HRD is likely to be published in 2001.